Thursday, July 9, 2009

Intellij Plugin

I recently switched to using Intellij 8 for scala development from Eclipse. On the whole it is a lot more polished than the current incarnation of the Scala IDE for Eclipse, I recommend it highly. Out of the 3 big java IDEs Intellij has the best Scala support at the moment. I will try out the Scala IDE for Eclipse again, once Miles gets done with all the refactoring he is doing.

One of the features I missed most from Eclipse was how eclipse compiles automatically in the background when files are saved. Luckily there is a plugin for Intellij (mentioned in this faq) called EclipseMode to add that behaviour, though it has a few kinks. [1]

I wasn't able to fix all of the issues I have with it (yet), however I did make one simple change that adds a toggle for it (called Compile On Save) to the build menu.

If you are an Intellij user and want to check out the modified plugin, here is the source and here is a download of a jar that you can drop in your /plugins folder

[1] kinks
One caveat, as others have mentioned: Is there any way to keep the messages window from auto-opening and from stealing focus? I tried mucking around with the plugin source, and couldn't figure it out, seems that problems view is not part of the openAPI and very hard to get to.

Also it doesn't seem to work with intellij 9, (tho i was able to hack it to get it to work, seems like they changed some of the non open api stuff the plugin uses).

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